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1. avoid fatty foods is one of the most powerful way to lower cholesterol levels in the bodyFatty foods are the highest contributors to cholesterol. Those who frequently eat fatty foods have a tendency to higher cholesterol than those who do not.Therefore, it is obligatory to reduce - even halt eating fatty foods.As an alternative, a way that is easy and light can also be offset by eating healthy foods, such as; fruits, green vegetables, and a variety of healthy foods rich in other nutrients.As an example. Salad is the best food, which could be used for alternative ways to lower high cholesterol in this young age.The rich nutrients abundant salad is very good for the health and performance of the body. In addition, levels of fat on the salad was also very small, so it is good for those suffering from high cholesterol.2. Exercise is the best way to reduce levels of fat and cholesterol in the bodySport is one of physical activity that is very easy living. In addition to healthy, this activity is also very effective for burning calories, fat, and lowers the risk of heart attack due to high cholesterol you are experiencing.In addition, the best way to lower high cholesterol at a young age is also very suitable for those who want to be thin.Exercise will burn fat, tighten the skin and increase the vitality of the body, so it is good for those who want to perform excellent, beautiful, and healthy in a way - a way that is easy and natural.The type of exercise recommended itself does not exist. Because, for a healthy body, you can freely choose whichever sport you like.Because the important thing here is not the kind of sport where you choose, but the effectiveness and discipline you in doing sports. Therefore, the more you frequent and disciplined exercise, the more benefits and lower your cholesterol. But the opposite. The less you exercise, the less benefits and reduced cholesterol in your body.Therefore, how to lower cholesterol at a young age is not concerned with the type of exercise you choose, but the discipline and effectiveness of exercise you do.3. Whatever the reason, stop smoking. Because smoking is a cause of a person's cholesterol levelsIn itself there smoking a substance called Arkoleirin. A substance that allows a person does not get fat intake is good for the body. In addition, these substances also enable users to take excess bad fats, which can adversely affect heart health.Therefore, it is very important law to implement effective ways to lower cholesterol at this young age.Like you know. In addition to minimizing the accumulation of bad fats and reduce the intake of good fats in the body, it also allows you to avoid the harmful effects of smoking, including the danger of heart attacks and hypertension.Some of the above may be only a small handful of the whole way there. However, if further review, the above tend to be more effective than the way - another way. But with a record. For those of you who want to lower cholesterol levels more quickly, it is advisable to take cholesterol-lowering drugs with a prescription and a recommendation from a doctor.
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